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The PeaceBread Association mourns the death of honorary member Gerda Neumann

Berlin, December 10th 2020. The PeaceBread Association loses a founding member with the death of Gerda Neumann. The 97-year-old Berliner, whose life’s journey was closely interwoven with Bernauer Strasse, the Reconciliation Parish and, since 2012, with the PeaceBread, passed away on December 09, 2020.Gerda Neumann, who has lived in Berlin- Wedding since the 1940s, experienced […]

Soil of the rye fields at the Berlin Wall Memorial improved

Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall An essential part of the Berlin Wall Memorial along Bernauer Straße between Ackerstraße and Brunnenstraße is the annual cultivation of rye at the Chapel of Reconciliation. This project goes back to an idea of the sculptor Michael Spengler, who sowed rye […]

On the death of Prof. Dr. Christian Bonte-Friedheim

The association FriedensBrot e.V. remembers in mourning and gratitude the deceased Prof. h.c. Dr. Christian Bonte-Friedheim, who had declared in the build-up phase 2013 „Yes, I am gladly willing to become a member of PeaceBread“. Bonte-Friedheim, born 1934, studied agricultural sciences at the universities of Hohenheim and Bonn and dedicated his whole life to agricultural […]

Annual Conference “Peace and Agriculture” 2023 in the Slovak Republic

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic, Ing. Ján Mičovský CSc., accepted meeting with the managing director of the PeaceBread Association, Berlin, Dr. Gibfried Schenk, for a conversation about the further development of the international PeaceBread project. In addition to the Minister were present at the meeting Mr. Martin Nevolný, Director […]

In memory of Prof. Dr. Olaf Christen

Prof. Dr. Olaf Christen, long-term member of the PeaceBread Association has died on February 2nd 2020 after a long and serious illness. The renowned agricultural scientist who began his scientific career at the Christian- Albrechts University in Kiel held his last office, the professorship for General Crop Production/Ecological Agriculture, at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. […]

6th European Annual Conference 2019 – “Peace and Agriculture” in Vilnius, Lithuania on September 19th – 21st 2019

5. FORUM PeaceBread 2019 – Farmers and bakers call for politics with a sense of proportion

5. FORUM PeaceBread 2019 – Farmers and bakers call for politics with a sense of proportion

Link to video Berlin, October 15th 2019: FORUM PeaceBread: Farmers and bakers call for politics with a sense of proportion „30 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall: Where farmers plough and bakers bake, there are….“ This was the intriguing headline for the 5th FORUM PeaceBread in Berlin. German Farmers Association (DBV) honorary president and the […]

AgriCOOLture: Professionalism and Emotion

„Sustainability and Climate Change Challenges for Agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe” Link to video PeaceBread Assoc. Link to vido Chamber of Agriculture Lithuania 6th European Annual Conference „Peace and Agriculture“ in Vilnius, Lithuania on September 19th – 21st 2019 September 19th 2019 During a warm welcome with bread as a surprise gift at the […]