Agriculture needs peace
Peace causes remembrance
Remembrance creates values
FORUM PeaceBread 2019
30 Years after the Fall of the Wall: Where farmers farm and bakers bake


A letter from James O’Leary, Belfast

Belfast-Berlin, August 03, 2019. A letter from James O’Leary, Belfast, about which we are very happy: Dear FriedensBrot, I was very moved to see the ‘Roggenfeld’ near the Kapelle der Versöhnung in Berlin last week.I purchased 5 bags of seeds from the Chapel, and I plan to scatter them during

Rye for PeaceBread

Berlin, July 25th, 2019. Rye was the last crop to be domesticated in agriculture. In contrary to einkorn wheat, wild emmer, wheat, barley and oat, rye is a cross-pollinator. The wild forms of rye show highly diverse properties. On top of this the grains left the ear of the crop


Concept and goals

Since 2013 the rye seeds from Bernauer Street are planted near symbolic and historically important locations of the reunification time in the countries of Central and


Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Julia Klöckner has now officially taken over the patronage for the PeaceBread project.


Here you can download important documents and reports about the project „PeaceBread“.