Conference of Rye Growers Association in Tartu, Estonia, 17.04.2015

Following the Agroforum Mare Balticum, there was an opportunity for a conversation of German PeaceBread delegation with Ruve Šank, Head of Department at the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture, and Mr Hans Kruusamägi, Member of the Board of the Estonian Rye Association and Estonian Rye King (Hans I), both participants of the conference “Peace and Agriculture” […]

3rd International Agroforum Mare Balticum, 14-16 April 2015

In February, the association PeaceBread (Friedensbrot e. V.) received an invitation of the Ministry of Agriculture to join the 3rd International Agroforum Mare Balticum as an observer. Following a decision of the association’s board, members of the PeaceBread office Marion and Gibfried Schenk travelled to Tartu. The objective of the Agroforum is to unite efforts […]