Positive result of the PeaceBread-conference 2019. AgraEurope reports from Vilnius

Vilnius, 24.09.2019. Our first result of the 6th PeaceBread-conference in Vilnius was picked up by the press office of AgraEurope.Under the headline „Agriculture needs a `cool´ image” Rainer Münch writes:“A positive result of the PeaceBread-conference in Vilnius was drawn by the chairman of the PeaceBread Association, Anton Blöth. The now sixth meeting has shown that […]

Mindaugas Milinis new PeaceBread Ambassador Association acknowledges longtime support

Berlin-Vilnius, September 2019. The agricultural Attaché of the Lithuanian Embassy Mindaugas Milinis has been announced as PeaceBread Ambassador on the occasion of the 6th PeaceBread conference in Vilnius.Dr. Gibfried Schenk, managing director of the PeaceBread Association carried out the honour with the Lithuanian Minister for Agriculture Andrius Palionis present and thanked Milinis for his longtime […]