Czech Republic plans to grow the rye in the border triangle Czech Republic – Poland – Germany

Mrs Jana POTMESILOVA from the Department of Plant Production in Czech Republic’s Ministry of Agriculture says that the rye will be grown in Chrastava (German: Kratzau). She explains the choice of this particular site as follows: “The symbolic meaning of the location Chrastava which was chosen for sowing of rye is that it is situated […]

Minister of Agriculture from Estonia Helir-Valdor SEEDER answers German Federal Minister of Agriculture Ilse AIGNER with regard to Estonia’s participation in the “PeaceBread”-project

In his reply letter to the German Federal Minister AIGNER, Minister SEEDER says: “Your proposal to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Wall in such a symbolic and strong way touches me deeply. In Estonia, we indeed highly appreciate the meaning of this event which happened 25 years ago. Without this fall […]