Visit to Estonia from 13th to 16th August 2022 by FriedensBrot Partners

By good planning, it is possible to combine participation in the dedication of the Finnish Kärsämäki with a visit to FriedensBrot’s long-term partners in neighbouring Estonia. 13-08-2022 The chairman of FriedensBrot e.V. Udo Folgert and managing director Dr. Gibfried Schenk take the ferry from Helsinki to Tallin. FriedensBrot’s ambassador Ruve Šank (Schank), long-term staff member […]

Members and sponsors of the PeaceBread project visit a potential conference venue for 2018 in Estonia

Sangaste / Tartu, 17.-20.04.2016: Lars Jaeger, project manager „Green Week- Grüne Woche“ of the Messe Berlin GmbH, Wolfgang Jaeger, farmer from Penzlin, Laurent Mies, first mayor of Markt Oberstdorf as well as Jürgen Stübinger, managing director of Frankenfarm GmbH based in Himmelkrohn accompanied the voluntary employees from the office of the PeaceBread Association Dr. Marion […]

Conference of Rye Growers Association in Tartu, Estonia, 17.04.2015

Following the Agroforum Mare Balticum, there was an opportunity for a conversation of German PeaceBread delegation with Ruve Šank, Head of Department at the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture, and Mr Hans Kruusamägi, Member of the Board of the Estonian Rye Association and Estonian Rye King (Hans I), both participants of the conference “Peace and Agriculture” […]

3rd International Agroforum Mare Balticum, 14-16 April 2015

In February, the association PeaceBread (Friedensbrot e. V.) received an invitation of the Ministry of Agriculture to join the 3rd International Agroforum Mare Balticum as an observer. Following a decision of the association’s board, members of the PeaceBread office Marion and Gibfried Schenk travelled to Tartu. The objective of the Agroforum is to unite efforts […]

Snapshot from a beautiful PeaceBread Rye field in Jõgeva, Estonia

Mati Koppel, Estonian Crop Research Institute Jõgeva: I am glad to inform you that the winter rye has successfully overwintered and has started to grow and develope.

Impressions from Estonia – The partner country of International Green Week Berlin 2014

Common Press release of Estonian Ministry of Agriculture and German Embassy in Estonia from November, 11, 2013

Royal Support for „PeaceBread“ in Estonia

Rye is the Estonian national cereal and staple food of Estonians. But for all that wheat has become a strong competitor, rye bread still ranks first on Estonian breakfast tables until today. During times of the Hanseatic league, rye export was one of the most important financial sources for the Tallinn Towers. It was registered […]

Diplomats from 17 countries visited PeaceBread field in Jõgeva

Shortly after sowing of Peacebread rye diplomats from 17 ambassies in Tallin visited Peacebread location on fields of Jõgeva Plant breeding Institute, between them 7 ambassadors. Left to the table our partner from Jõgeva Plant breeding Institute, director Mati KOPPEL, in the middle just befor the table the German ambassador Mr. Christian Matthias SCHLAGA. Another […]

Jõgeva – seeding of Estonian rye took place with guests from Germany

6 September was the day: In the presence of representatives of the association “FriedensBrot e.V.” (“PeaceBread”), rye which was harvested in Berlin this year was sown next to the traditional rye variety ‘Sangaste’ on trial fields of the Institute of Plant Breeding in Jõgeva. On this occasion, the Director of the Institute Mati KOPPEL and […]